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Solar panels & farms
Drive Energy from Sun

Solar panels producing green renewable energy. Solar power station in the field with green grass

Interesting Fact

Solar radiators in 30 minutes time to meet with total energy demand of the globe.

Solar Panel & Farms

Changes in the weathers throughout the globes explains global warming well and highlights further the importance of cutting greenhouse gases. Industrial era and current vast requirements of fossil fuels for industrial, transportation, heat and for energy use has been the main reason for adding carbon footprints in the atmosphere. Alternative source of energy are just unavoidable and so important to invest in, adapt for power, heating and other energy demands. This is hence responsibility of those who can afford to must consider alternative. 

Sun is the biggest source of energy to the world and emits enough solar radiators in 30 minutes time to meet with total energy demand of the globe. The energy could be produced is alternative to fossil fuels and sustainable, best investment to the future. Solar is the third biggest developing sustainable power source after wind and hydroelectricity. It has seen an exceptional development during recent couple of years. It is utilized as a part of both household and power plant sectors for electricity generation. It is termed as one of the cleanest energies as when it’s being used, it doesn’t emit carbon or any GHG. Another advantage of solar energy panels commonly known as PV (Photo Voltaic), is it can be installed anywhere, as it works with both direct and indirect irradiation. The drawback of PV system is they can only be used when daylight is available, as they cannon store the electric power. However, batteries are supplied, connected to store the energy and use when required.

Ecowelle and Solar Farms

Ecowelle Renewables offer range of small to large system for residential, commercial, educational, medical, infra-structure and large industrial installations involving PV farms. Our team consists of qualified, experienced, and accredited fleet who assess and proposal the best suitable system for any commercial, industrial and residential requirements. We have worked with a number of suppliers and manufacturers offering PV panels, Batteries and Accessories. Therefore, we assure our clients to provide complete energy auditing reports and project execution. We are covering UK, Europe and trying to reach to the global installations with our local and international partners keeping the mission to work for a sustainable environment which is healthy, affordable and safe for everyone.