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Offsite Construction

Construction of new and modern modular house

Interesting Fact

Biomass in its current application is also proved as very energy efficient (up to 70%) contrary to other fossil fuels (35-45%) efficient to the petroleum fuel it replaces.

Offsite Construction

Modular type construction is not very new and has been used in earlier years of industrialisation as well. These are cubical rooms that are connected to form smart and efficient zones, areas in a building. The exteriors could be cladded, bricked, or any other suitable exclusively designed, fabricated installations of steel, wood, and other materials.

Ecowelle and Modular - Offsite Construction

Ecowelle Construction has succefully delivered several projects for different type of buildings and environment including schools, hospitals, residential units, hotels, students’ accommodations, temporary accommodations, and industrial use.

Off site manufacturing and getting it installed on the ground that is purposely built to withstand with structural compliance as per the local conditions. These types are able to offer warranties for over 100s of years whereas, maintenance and modification is also convenient as compared to traditional built buildings. Modular buildings are one great solution to cut the carbon foot prints and at the same time very convenient construction with a lot of versatility to offer.

We work with its local, national and international partners in manufacturing, logistics and supplies to make we would bring the competitive offers without compromising quality. Our service scope covers small temporary cubical units to residential blocks, extension and garden rooms of building to educational and health establishments’ units. Whereas, our skill includes designing and production with the fabricators, ground works, modular installations, complete fit-outs, joinery, mechanical, electrical, water, commercial kitchens, boiler plant rooms, air conditioning, power distribution and commissioning.