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Steel frame of a building


Modern Steel & Timber - Onsite Construction

Ecowelle Construction division takes pride to have undertaken, worked on, and completed successful projects utilising their building professional team off and on site with the support of our local, national, and global supplies partners since 2011.


Modular - Offsite Construction

Ecowelle Construction has succefully delivered several projects for different type of buildings and environment including schools, hospitals, residential units, hotels, students’ accommodations, temporary accommodations, and industrial use.

Shopping Mall Construction


Traditional - Onsite Construction

Ecowelle Construction offers complete design, build, extend, renovate and maintain the traditional masonry built since we have stared our service, delivered hundreds of projects.

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Ecowelle offers a complete one stop consultancy, contracting and facilities management service using state of art technology from a very experienced, caring, competent and insured team. 

Construction of houses. Construction site