Design & Fabrication Services

Design & Fabrication Services
Our consulting engineers and contracting engineers have been involved in designing and getting the special burners and bespoke machinery fabricated for combustion engineering application, heating appliances and processing plants:

  • Travelling Ovens for flat bread
  • Conveyorised systems for food processing industries
  • Direct Fired Air Heaters
  • Direct & Indirect Fired Water Heaters
  • Specially Designed Catering Burners
  • Steel Pipe Design Work for water & gas applications 

Designing the ideas and meeting with the clients’ requirement for various engineering applications is one of the helpful tool to offer bespoke services. This could be achieved by designing on a simple AutoCAD file or a sophisticated simulation software, making the product design and then deliver as per the allowed parameters in form of fabricated product or a system.

We have had experienced designed services application and also the product development after recording demands carefully, assessing industrial applications and hence best possible solutions could be offered. Our design and fabrication team is capable of using the powerful engineering tools to design, test and fabricate the product as per the given parameters.